FlowPhys has developed its own flow assurance simulation software, so called FlowPhys Flow Assurance Simulator. It has a good start from Per Kjellgen’s nearly 30 years flow assurance simulation solver, continues with its development through 7 ongoing H2020 projects. It focuses in several relevant areas to renewable energy: Geothermal energy, welding, coating, flow battery etc.
To properly simulate the complex governing phenomenon involved, the simulators need to combine thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and geochemistry. This kind of modelling is called flow assurance and originates from the oil and gas industry, where it is considered a key enabling technology for the oil and gas industry. FlowPhys AS have created flow assurance software, designed to analyse components and flow specifically for geothermal systems.

The main features of the software:

• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for complex systems
• Heat transfer in system components Multi-component pipe network thermodynamic flow simulator
• Multiple phases (liquid, gas, etc.) and transitions
• Process simulation device models (valves, heat exchangers, pumps, etc.)
• Innovative algorithms for developing the underlying analysis structure (mesh)
• Interactions between structures and fluids
• Modelling for erosion, corrosion, and other effects
• Flow and process control
• Numerical shape optimisation, meta-modelling and related optimisation
• Steady state & transient solvers

Flowphys Simulator does not use external libraries; all the solution algorithms, matrix solvers, etc. are natively developed and programmed. Algorithms and solvers have been highly optimised to perform several times faster than other commercial software.