In FlowPhys AS, we specialise in developing bespoke scientific software that requires advanced numerical methods and physical models, as well as also performing computer simulations. Our main product is the software FlowPhys, a finite element based software for general geometries in 1D, 2D, and 3D geometries. Some of the features of the FlowPhys software are computational fluid dynamics (CFD), moving meshes, structural dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, fluid-acoustic interaction, heat transfer, active flow control, numerical shape & design optimization, steady state & transient solvers. The FlowPhys software does not use external libraries; all the solution algorithms, matrix solvers, etc. are natively developed and programmed, making it flexible and easy for us to create new bespoke software. Some of the algorithms and solvers are highly optimized, often several times faster than other commercial software. The FlowPhys software has been used in many different projects in industry and academia. Example of companies, organisations, and universities where FlowPhys has been used are: