FlowPhys AS specializes in developing tailormade scientific software that requires advanced numerical methods and physical models, as well as also performing computer simulations.

Flowphys software capabilities

Our main product is the software FlowPhys, a finite element multi-physics simulation software for general geometries in 1D, 2D, and 3D geometries. Some of the features of the FlowPhys software are:
• 1D, 2D, 3D heat transfer, fluid dynamics (CFD), structural dynamics, electrostatics, acoustics
• 1D circuits (multi-phase pipe flow, electric circuits)
• Linear and non-linear, steady state & transient
• System-based Modeling, process simulation, process control algorithms
• Multi-phase, multi-component, incompressible & compressible flows with Newtonian & non-Newtonian fluids
• Computational chemistry equilibrium & reaction kinetics, corrosion, erosion, scaling
• Coupled analyses
• Shape, parameter, and process optimization
• Data-driven (AI/ML) models, AI enhanced physics models, physics informed AI models

Tailor made simulator plugins

We are not only specialized in making our own stand-alone simulation software, but also dedicated in developing tailormade physics and data-driven simulators that can be used as plugins to other software as well as websites.

Cloud-based Flowphys simulator (Finite Element Simulations & Self-learning AI metamodels) for the WeldGalaxy platform
Flowphys plugin for ANSYS software


The Flowphys3D software is used for multiphysics simulations in many different areas and applications. The simulations contribute to improve understanding and de-risk the development process. Click to see more.

The Flowphys1D software is used for circuit analyses of thermodynamic fluid flow and electric circuits. Many different device models exists, and we are also able to develop and implement new tailormade models. In addition to engineering design & analyses, the software is also suitable for system-based modelling, process controls, tailormade Virtual/Digital Twins. Click to see more.

FlowPhys has developed a new and unique geothermal flow assurance simulation software for engineering and scientific analyses. To improve and optimize planning, design, and operation of geothermal energy systems and facilities, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the operating conditions in the different parts/locations and their time dependancies. The Flowphys Geothermal Flow Assurance Simulator combines fluid dynamics, thermodynamcs, and geochemistry to provide detailed analyses and simulations. The area of Flow Assurance originated in the Oil & Gas sector, where it has grown to become a key enabling technology, leading to significant cost reductions. Click to see more.

To improve the value and impact, we frequently perform shape and/or process parameter optimization, often with spectacular results. Click to see more.

We use data-driven AI/ML/statistical models both to provide AI-enhanced physics models as well as physics-informed AI models. The AI models are particularly suitable for Online Simulators, as they provide much faster simulations. Click to see more.

Online Simulations / Simulation Portals

Research Projects

Renewable Energy & Process Engineering

Geothermal Energy
H2020 Geo-Coat “Development of Novel and Cost-Effective Corrosion Resistant Coatings for High Temperature Geothermal Applications”.

In this project, FlowPhys is extending its 1D pipe network time-dependent thermodynamic flow assurance simulator to geothermal multiphase flows. It is being coupled with chemical equilibrium modelling software PHREEQC. Models for predicting corrosion, erosion, scaling, are developed. The 1D flow assurance simulator is also being coupled with the FlowPhys FEM 3D structural heat transfer capability to support geothermal well modelling. Design-of-Experiment (DoE) is developed for constructing surrogate based models and surrogate-based parameter optimization of material coatings. See more... Go to project website: https://www.geo-coat.eu/

H2020 GeoDrill “Development of novel and cost-effective drilling technology for Geothermal Systems”

In this project, FlowPhys will extend its 1D flow assurance and 2D/3D CFD to include non-Newtonian fluids. 3D simulations and shape optimizations of DTH drilling hammers will be performed using ALE combined with fluid-structure interaction and LES for geothermal brine and drilling mud. A 1D FEM-based structural dynamics drill string simulator will be developed and integrated with the FlowPhys 1D dynamic flow assurance software. See more...Go to project website: https://www.geodrill-project.eu/

H2020 GeoSmart “Technologies for geothermal to enhance competitiveness in smart and flexible operation”

In this project, FlowPhys performs 3D LES (CFD) combined with shape optimization to optimize a geothermal heat exchanger. Initial steps for developing combined 3D LES with geothermal thermodynamics and reaction kinetics with the purpose of minimize the scale reduction rate in a geothermal heat exchanger and maximize scale reduction in a retention tank will be taken. The FlowPhys 1D flow assurance pipe network simulator will be used to simulate the geothermal power plants and wells in Balmatt and Kilzidare fields.See more... Go to project website: http://geosmartproject.eu/

H2020 GeoHex “Advanced material for cost-efficient and enhanced heat exchange performance for geothermal application”

In this project, FlowPhys software will be used to perform 3D CFD (LES) + ALE to simulate two-phase heat transfer (condensation, evaporation) of refrigerants in heat exchangers with focus on bubble/droplet dynamics. Shape optimization of bi-oleophilic surfaces for enhanced heat transfer.See more... Go to project website: http://www.geohexproject.eu/

H2020 GeoPro “Accurate Geofluid Properties as key to Geothermal Process Optimization”

In this project, FlowPhys will develop and implement new thermodynamic models and reaction kinetics + implementation into Flowphys1D and Flowphys3D. 3D CFD (LES) of heat exchangers with improved thermodynamic models + reaction kinetics. 3D CFD (LES) for simulating cavitation. Implementation of more advanced Equation-of-State (Span-Wagner). See more...Go to project website: http://www.geoproproject.eu/

Eurostars ProCase “Novel Multi-layered Protective Casing for High Temperature Geothermal Wells”

The objective of the project is to develop and design a three-layered composite casing (ProCase) for high temperature geothermal wells, that can protect well cement and steel casings against corrosion and high stresses and strains due to thermal expansion effects so the structural integrity of the wells is not diminished. With ProCase the lifespan of wells can be increased which can save geothermal power companies worldwide an extensive amount of repair cost and the cost of drilling new wells. See more...Go to project website: ProCase website

Norwegian Research Council “GeoCoat-FORSTERK”

In this project, FlowPhys is developing test cases, user manuals, tutorials, and will arrange both webinars and workshops during year 2024.

Waste Heat Recovery
H2020 “Valorisation of waste heat in industrial system”

In this project, FlowPhys is performing
a) flow simulations with 3D time-dependent LES combined with advanced shape & design optimization of heat exchangers; b) development of a 1D pipe flow time-dependent thermodynamic process simulator for the whole SMARTREC system + performing process simulations and process parameter optimizations; c) design and simulation of process control system. See more...Go to project website: http://smartrec.eu/

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Computational Welding Mechanics
H2020 WeldGalaxy “Digital Dynamic Knowledge Platform for Welding in Manufacturing Industries”

In this project, FlowPhys is developing FEM software for a) non-linear elasto-plastic thermo-mechanical computational welding mechanics simulations; b) parametric solid modelling and meshing via templates; c) Design-of-Experiments (DoE), surrogate-based modelling, and surrogate-based optimization. See more...Go to project website: http://www.weldgalaxy.eu/

Additive Manufacturing
Horizon Europe ALABAMA “Adaptive Laser Beam for Additive Manufacturing”

This is an up coming project starts in 2024.

Horizon Europe RESTORE “Sustainable Remanufacturing solution with increased automation and recycled content in laser and plasma-based process”

This is an up coming project starts in 2024.


Information will be updated soon.


Commercial research & engineering consultancy projects:

The Flowphys software has been used in many commercial consultancy and research projects in areas such as Automobile, aviation, maritime, sensors, medical devices, offshore technologies, Oil & Gas sector. Many of these cases were for breakthrough applications, for which other commercial software was insufficient, but we enabled analyzing the problem by developing new algorithms & physical models. Please feel free to contact us for a discussion about your case.

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