Multiphysics simulations and optimizations:

The Flowphys3D software is used for multiphysics simulations in many different areas and applications. The simulations contribute to improve understanding and de-risk the development process.

Fluid-Structure Interaction simulation of turbulent noise & vibration of a marine streamer with hydrophone sensors
Thermo-mechanical simulation of welding process
Electric field simulation of a dielectric sensor

Circuit analyses and control algorithms:

The Flowphys1D software is used for circuit analyses of thermodynamic fluid flow and electric circuits. Many different device models exists, and we are also able to develop and implement new tailormade models. In addition to engineering design & analyses, the software is also suitable for system-based modelling, process controls, tailormade Virtual/Digital Twins.

Flowphys1D User Interface
Simulation of the SmartRec system with a Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger, a Dual Media Thermocline Thermal Energy Storage, and PID controller

Geothermal Flow Assurance:

FlowPhys has developed a new and unique geothermal flow assurance simulation software for engineering and scientific analyses. To improve and optimize planning, design, and operation of geothermal energy systems and facilities, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the operating conditions in the different parts/locations and their time dependancies. The Flowphys Geothermal Flow Assurance Simulator combines fluid dynamics, thermodynamcs, and geochemistry to provide detailed analyses and simulations. The area of Flow Assurance originated in the Oil & Gas sector, where it has grown to become a key enabling technology, leading to significant cost reductions. Key features of the Flowphys Geothermal Flow Assurance software are: steady-state & transient, incompressible & compressible flows, single-phase & two-phase flows, Newtonian & non-Newtonian fluids, chemical equilibrium & reaction kinetics, pipe vibration, fluid-structure interaction, swirl flows, and a multitude of device models (valves, pumps, tanks, separators, heat exchangers, reactors, thermal energy storages, wells, drilling tools, annulus, insulation, cavitation, and more).

Examples of results calculated by the Geothermal Flow Assurance software:

Shape and process parameter optimizations:

shape To improve the value and impact, we frequently perform shape and/or process parameter optimization, often with spectacular results.

Shape optimization of a bistable fluidic oscillator
Shape optimization of a Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

AI & Metamodels:

We use data-driven AI/ML/statistical models both to provide AI-enhanced physics models as well as physics-informed AI models. The AI models are particularly suitable for Online Simulators, as they provide much faster simulations.

Initial sampling points for corrosion metamodel
Automated AI & Metamodel training tools

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